8 months old now

My blog site has completed 8 months now. This 8 months I do not post a much but I tried to post some article on technology and also try to do in future. They best way to learn some thing to follow other people doing that. For example if you want to sing then you should listen some good singer’s songs like that if you want to be a good programmer then you should make a habit to read a lot of code, I mean good code. You can search the web by using the phrase ‘How to be a better programmer’ and you will get some nice results. Some are useful and some are funny.

So I have read some blog over the internet. I found some are very useful and interesting. Also I follow some blogs every day. I have actually made bookmarks in my browser.

My favorite blog site bookmarks.
Favorite Blogs

I want to share a few blogs which I enjoy every day.

You can learn a lot of things from this blogs.

It is a nice media through which you can broadcast your idea, your thinking with the rest of the world. I mean your readers. Hope some day I have the rest of the world is my reader 🙂

Also I have read a book about blogging (at least some chapters) and I found a lot of history about blogging. For example the name ‘Blog’ is actually a joint word of ‘Web + log’. Nice and informative 🙂

I have learned how to decorate my site by using a theme. I am using INove by NeoEase. It is having a corporate look and very decent and slandered layout. Before that I also try some theme but not loving them. Some are nice but very narrow in side. I mean lack of side space. I need a little wide layout of my main body for my code samples of my blog posts. INove is nice, wide and having many widget in the sidebar. You can see my sidebar. I try to give all information and post link to my blogroll about me and other useful links which I feel useful for my readers. Also calendar, twitter updates, email sign up, feed and my picture makes me proud. But my favorite is the blogroll. I took my time and make it. It has all the links which I have enjoyed everyday including my work, public profile and social.

Last month I also added some category for my blogs through which I can flavored my posts.

I have learned a few things in last 8 months about blogging. Also there are many things to be learned. You can find direct tutorials and article describing how to be a better blogger. Few you can get in Scott’s site. He is nice doing this. I thing the most important thing is how much better you can express yourself to your readers.

Please give comments so that I can learn a more with your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “8 months old now

  1. Ayesha

    All time i think u r a very technical person, u always like to talk about technical things. bt today i fl u wrote 4m ur heart, U can’t think anything before, just wrote down which was in ur mind on that time. Hope read ur blog regularly . . .


    1. Arnab Roy Chowdhury Post author

      Yes u r right. Actually I am very happy about my blog site and my site theme. Soon you can see a new home page of my site 🙂



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