Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail

Email is an integral and essential part of our life. Almost everyone who uses internet have at least one email id. Almost every one know about Microsoft Office Outlook. The concept of email client is not new. Many email clients out there for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Microsoft Office Outlook is a sophisticated email client which comes with Microsoft Office package. This is not free. If you want you can use many email clients which are free (but not as good as Office Outlook). In Windows XP we saw Microsoft Outlook Express. In vista we saw Windows Mail. Windows 7 do not have any built in email client. But you can use any of your choice. Like I am using Windows Live Mail. This comes in Windows Live Essentials software package. Though it is free and not as sophisticated as Office Outlook but you can do almost all daily email related work whit this email client. It has good interface. The interface is not like the old email clients from Microsoft like outlook express but it is more looks like Hotmail. In terms of security it is very secure. It has a built in anti virus program which can track viruses in email attachments, can track spyware etc. It works best with Windows defender or any similar anti spyware software. You can set block and trusted list in this mail client also. Not only email, Windows Live Mail has feed reader with works together with Internet Explorer. You can store your contacts and calendar in it. You can also configure more than one email within it. Like one for your work and another for your personal mail account. You can set email signature in it in two formats. One is pure text format and another is in html format. For html format you can use external html file.

I am using Widows Live Mail with I am having as my personal email account. So in my case is the web mail provider and Windows Live Mail is the email client. I can browse my emails in offline and can also take backup.

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