Everyone should have a blog.

The word ‘blog’ means ‘web log’. It is a log maintained by a personal, group or an organization through web. It is maintained in reverse chronological order. Weather it is a personal or group blog, you can share your thoughts, give your updates in it. Everyone on the internet should have a blog. Through this you can express yourself, what you like, what you not, what you care for etc. Persons from any field can live with a blog. Weather you are a story writer, photographer, doctor, engineer, politician or other you can use a blog. A writer see the world differently. You start to see every thing around you, every incident as a writer point of view.

Key left – You have a finite number of keystrokes left in your hand before you die. How many is that?

– Scott Hanselman

Some people believes that the number of keystrokes for typing is finite before you die. That means you should care your keystrokes to use in the right place. It is always better than email to write a blog post. Email is for a single person or a group, but your blog post is for everyone in the internet. Your thoughts are permanent in your blog. You can later send a link of your blog post to someone through mail.

You need to create a site to publish your blog. There are many free as well as paid options to do that. I like ‘WordPress’ and ‘Blogger‘. ‘Blogger’ is easy to setup for the novice users. ‘WordPress’ is more feature rich option. ‘WordPress’ has two parts. One is wordpress.org and another is wordpress.com. In between two if you have your own server and you have wordpress developer then ‘wordpress.org’ is good for you. If you have no server then you can go with ‘wordpress.com’ option. In the case of ‘wordpress.com’ your blog site will be in their server. Why personally I like ‘wordpress.com’ is not only that my site is currently on it but also it is a big community. All the service have good quality. You can choose between more than 200 themes for your site. They have good other services which help you to complete a blog site almost free of cost. Since it is a big community that means you can get good inspiration from them. All kind of blogger inspiration you can follow the daily post of wordpress.com. Developer can use the syntax highlighter for posting source code. Photographer can use special photo theme to display their work like a a showcase. Some other services of Automattic also help ‘wordpress.com’ and you can integrate them in your blog. Like rich widget area, Akismit for spam, Gravatar, twitter widget, embedded document from Google docs or Microsoft Office Web Apps to name a few.

Blog is the easiest way to follow some person, group, organization or company. Twitter is a new type of blogging practice which is called micro blogging. Almost all famous person or organization has a twitter account. You can get updates related to your favorite subjects through twitter. It is a twitter culture. To know more about twitter and twitting you can read my favorite post about first step of twitter glossary.

Please give your comments on what you think about blogging. How you like to blog? What is your blogging subject? Why you blog? If you are not blogging then why not?

1 thought on “Everyone should have a blog.

  1. Ayesha

    Hiii Arnab, I like your today’s topic. You always ask me why I can’t start Blogging but every time I change the topic. I know You don’t like that but can’t say anything. But today I think it is the right time to give the answer. Actually regular basis blogging is not possible for me due to lac of time and my laziness. And which time I get for my self, I read different type of books.



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