We all know about Hotmail. It was founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California and headquartered in Sunnyvale. In 2007 Microsoft acquired it as MSN Hotmail. Latter it became a part of Windows Live suite. In summer 2012 Microsoft converted Hotmail as Outlook.com. Outlook is a famous email client from Microsoft, so they change the name also to make consistent with their product. Outlook.com is now one of the popular web mail service from Microsoft.

In Outlook.com they have done some up gradation. You can get metro style UI in Outlook.com now. The UI style is consistent with Windows 8 and the other Microsoft product and services. New colour theme are there for UI. The UI is cutter free in comparison with Hotmail. One of the nice thing is that you do not need to save all your contacts in Outlook.com. It can connect and import all your people contacts from other services like Facebook, Twitter and even Google. Skype integration is rolling out with Outlook.com. Now you can start video call through Skype without the Skype client. In quick view there are predefined labels which automatically put your mails in to categories like documents and pictures attached in your mail, mail coming from social networking sites etc. You can create your custom categories and put mails on them. If you create email rule then your mails also can be putted in your custom categories. You can also flag to your mails which you want to view as a future reference. It supports rich text email signature. But you can not set any signature rule for reply and forward mail like email client or even Gmail. You can compose your emails with good font style like ‘Calibri’, font colour, size, smiles, convert to hyperlink etc. The use of AJAX is nice and a far better than Hotmail. Email open instantly after clicking like a desktop app. There are CSS transition make the Outlook.com experience better. If you connect your Facebook, twitter or Google account with Outlook.com then you can chat with your online friends right from the inbox.

The people section have all the contacts from your connected service and your own contacts from Outlook.com. You can search them by name, by first letter of name like a dictionary. Even you can send a update on Facebook right from the people section of Outlook.com. The calendar and SkyDrive integration is nice. You can save multiple calendar and import all entry from your email client. It send email notification of your upcoming calendar events like birthdays. Social networking site events can also be integrated in Outlook.com calendar. For example you can get email notification of your upcoming Facebook friends birthdays and send them a birthday message right from the Outlook.com.

Microsoft finish the Hotmail to Outlook.com conversion and up gradation for all exiting users. They claim that they have 400 million active users throughout the world. They also celebrate the first birthday of Outlook.com recently. I am using Hotmail for my personal email from 2007 and now Outlook.com. In my experience I find Outlook.com is a good and brave step forward in web mail service from Microsoft with a whole new clutter free Metro style UI and a bunch of new user friendly features.

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