Connect WordPress blog with Google+ profile

We all use social networking site. There are many sites in which you can keep contact with your friends and family. Share your pictures of last vacation, can post your updates, give comments to some one’s updates and many more. The most popular sites are Facebook and Twitter in this category. Google+ is the new entry in this category. Google is doing a good job to place this new service to a very good position in social networking category. After all Google has the good reputation in internet services and products. Google+ has gained a good piece of popularity in recent years. Many people starts to create profile and use this service for their social life on the web. I always like Google profile for simplicity and completeness. Now Google profile is integrated with Google+ account. I blogged before about how we can connect our blog and Google profile to create Google authorship.

Connect Google+

Now release the option to connect your blog with your Google+ profile officially. You can do it from Setting –> Sharing at your admin section. You can get some advantages after connecting your Google+ profile with your blog.

  • Your Google+ profile link will be displayed at the bottom of your blog posts.
  • A link will be displayed in the Contributor To section of your Google+ profile.
  • Verification code will be added to your posts for your authorship.
  • You can publicize your new posts to your Google+ account.

Comments with Google+

Now you can give comments with your Google+ account. You can get a new icon to login with Google+ account at the comment section.

Google+ Embeds

We frequently embeds tweets in our blog. Now it is easy to embeds Google+ posts with your blog as well. Just pick a Google+ post, go to the individual post page by clicking on the date of the post, copy the individual post link and paste it in your blog and you are done. It will show a nice embed Google+ post in your blog content with +1 and a follow button.


With continues popularity of Google+, has made this new features to connect and work with your Google+ profile. I am happy with these updates by and looking forward to continue with my Google+ account.

For more information take a look at official blog: Your Blog, Plus One: Connect and Share on Google+

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