Tweet Deck – Twitter client application

Twitter is the largest micro-blogging platform in the world. We can find almost all famous people in twitter. The people who want to create a public presence usually use twitter over other social network sites. It is easy to use and quick to start. Create a profile and start twitting is very simple and fast in comparison with other social network sites. There is no friend request and accept complexity. If you like a particular person or an organization in twitter, you can follow, you can read their tweet in your timeline after that.

There are many twitter client applications for both desktop and mobile platform. These application help you to use twitter more easily. One of the popular twitter client application is Tweet Deck. This application is from twitter itself. It has a web based interface also. I just start playing with this application (specially the web version). The first impression is, it is very fast and you can access many information in your single screen. There are multiple column showing different tweets, like your timeline, your tweets, your connections, your messages etc. Also you can add new column into your Tweet Deck UI. If you need to see the same information in twitter website, then you may need to go at different pages. Another nice thing is, it automatically refresh with the new tweets. Making new tweet and picture tweet is faster than the website counterpart. You can also create a custom timeline with Tweet Deck and share it with the rest of the world.



I mainly tweet about technology updates and link shearing. This tool help my twitter experience get better.

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