New F12 tools in IE 11

As a web developer we need to debug our code in web browser. Those days are gone when developers use numerous numbers of alert to debug code. Though Visual Studio has powerful tools to debug client side code, often you need to debug code in web browser. Also remember not all web developers working with Visual Studio. Every web browser has a set of developer tools integrated with them. We all know about FireBug project. FireFox and Google Crome has good developer tools which can be very helpful at the time of coding and debugging. IE had a little old developer tools with version 10. Now Microsoft decided to update their web browser developer tools with some new touch to remain in the web browser competition.

What is new

In last few weeks every Windows user got new IE 11 with Windows update. My first impression on new IE is the set of developer tools collection. The code view is fresh, bright and help you to work with them very easily. We can inspect element right from the web browser working area just like FireFox. Java script debugging is also good. ‘Start Debugging’ button has gone. Now you can place a debugger and it will automatically break when control goes there. We can open multiple java script files now at a time. One nice feature now in IE is that, we can debug minified java script code. There is a button (pretty print) by clicking that minified java script become readable code. Also most all section under IE developer tools get better. Some new sections also added, like Memory, UI responsiveness, Emulation etc. In Emulation mode we can test different desktop browsers as well as Windows mobile browser.




Though IE is a little behind in web browser war. I am very exited and feeling good to see these updates in developer tools collection. Hope it will help web developers a lot.

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