Create picture with Microsoft Paint

I am not a designer. I don’t have sense of colour combination as good as a designer. But often I create normal pictures with Microsoft Paint. Though it has not much power to work with pictures with advance work, but as I told I use to fulfil my normal picture need with this software.

In this festive season, I have a lot of friends and family members to wish through mail or in Facebook and Twitter. As we know a picture itself can say a thousand of words, I decided to create a Christmas picture to wish all of them.

I download one Santa Claus and a Christmas tree picture and arrange it inside a blank canvas at Microsoft Paint. Also I put some other stuff to make it look good. Then I send it to people. My friends give many likes and comments on that. It is a nice feeling.

Often I use this simple tool to work and create picture, like flow chart, edit screen shots for my blog etc. I am gaining confidence with this tool and looking for more nice idea to take place. Recently I am working on to create my personal card with this tool. Yes not all work can be done with this. If I need that kind of advance work, then I need to use a more powerful tool.

Merry X-Mas 2013

Merry X-Mas 2013

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