Feed reading with Feedly

I never used Google Reader much in past. I used to register my feeds to Windows Live Mail in past. Now a days I have changed my feed reading habit. I do not use Windows Live Mail for feed reading, rather I shifted to online solution.

Google reader is not available now a days. But there are many alternatives out there on the internet which are good as Google reader. One of the popular feed reader is feedly. I use feedly now a days. I register all the blog and news feeds in my feedly account. It support Google account to login. It is nice to find all my blog and news feeds in one place. After retire of Google reader feedly has updated their service. It is nice in usability and look and feel at the same time.

I have mainly two categories in feedly, one is favourite and another is uncategorised. Under favourites I store all the feeds which I follow most and they are at top of my reading list. Everything else are store in uncategorized. Manage category is nice in feedly. We can drag and drop our registered feeds under categories to be organised.

These new online feed reading services getting updated everyday and makes reading on the web more common place. You can search your favourite content right on feedly. If you read online, I strongly recommend you to check feedly.

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