Office Online

Share documents with Office online

We can access Microsoft Office online now. Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note are online now. You can not use full features online but for small document sharing it is good and useful. You need an account to login at here and start creating new documents with online Office. You can share that documents with your friends and colleagues. You can make it private if you do not want to share with anyone else or make it public for open to all. You can share your documents with selective people with their email. They will get an email with link of your document in read only mode. You can embed your document in your blog also. For that the document must be public. have good support for embed Microsoft Office online document.

After Google, Microsoft also providing Office online. So it is a win win situation for user that both the company are providing cloud based office for online work. Hope to see Microsoft Office online with feature reach as the offline counterpart.

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