‘Get Involved’ is now free on Pluralsight

I saw Get Involved last week. One of the best video created by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery. Now you can see it on Pluralsight for free. This video offer nice suggestions and advice for the software developer. Every developer should watch it.  I am very thankful to Pluralsight to make it possible for everyone to see free of cost on the internet.

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that my feature-length collaboration with Rob Conery called “Get Involved” is now available FREE from Pluralsight!

— Scott Hanselman

This video has seven chapters. Introduction, Blogging, Twitter, Github, StackOverflow, User Group and Summary. Every chapter has some nice and very helpful advice for software developers.

  • Blogging: Every developer should have a blog. How to create a blog? What platform should you choose? What is a good blog post? This chapter is having full of advice on blogging.
  • Twitter: You can choose twitter for quick and short updates and link sharing. How you can use twitter to get continuous information on your favorite things, is the main subject of this chapter.
  • Github: Developer’s life goes around code. Github is a good place to share your open source project and contribute other’s projects. Employer also sometimes take look at Github profile to recrute new people. Its about social coding.
  • StackOverflow: The life before StackOverflow and after is different. You can Google any programming question and there is a good chance that you will find links on this site. This chapter states that what is a good question and answer of StackOverflow and how you can use markdown to write question and answer there.
  • User Group: Being a developer you should meet other developer. This increase the chance to learn more from your end and also you can share some knowledge with others. This also help you to create a social life around your software knowledge.


This is a very good initiative from Scott and Rob and I want to give them a big thanks. Every developer should watch this video and share it. This is a good inspiration for us.

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