GitHub Resume

Git is a distributed version control system. GitHub is a social coding platform. You can publish your Git projects on GitHub. You can work with open source projects and publish them on GitHub. You can form other’s project and contribute on their coding and finally send a pull request to them. You can build up a social network around your source code and open source projects on GitHub. You can mention your GitHub activities on your resume. Your employer can take a look your work on GitHub.

As a software startup owner I really enjoy when people send us their résumés and they include their github account so we can see tangible work they have done.

Now you can give your GitHub activities on your resume more easily. GitHub is giving you the opportunity to generate your GitHub activities summary. First you need to star GitHub Resume project and then give your GitHub user name at GitHub resume page. This will generate a summary including your GitHub information and your popular repositories. You can put this link to your resume then.

After a tweet by John Resig I imagined that it may be nice for people to be able to generate their GitHub résumés.

If you put all of your all open source projects at GitHub then creating a GitHub resume and put that link to your job resume is very helpful.

You can find my newly created GitHub resume here.

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