Google Plus and Your Blog

As a blogger you must need a good position in Google search result. You can find many article in the internet on this topic. You should use your keywords smartly in your writing. You should use relevant category and tags in your blog post. There are many posts on help section on this too.

Connecting Google+ with your blog is essential for Google SEO. There are a number of simple steps to do this.

  1. Create a blog at Setup your blog so that you can up and running writing your posts.
  2. Create a profile at Google+. Fill up important information on your profile.
  3. Connect your Google+ profile with your blog. You can follow instruction to connect your Google+ profile with your blog on Google help or you can follow my post on this topic also.
  4. Setup publicize to your Google+ profile from post. When you create a new post on automatically your status update will happen on your Google+ profile.

These simple steps are the key steps to your blog popularity on Google+. It will increase the chance to come your blog site up in the order in Google search result. One thing keep in mind is that, there is no alternative of good writing and good use of relevant keyword in your post for good SEO.

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