Git support for Visual Studio 2013

The Git support in Visual Studio 2013 is nice. It has nice tools to work with Git. You can work with local Git repositories, as well as you can push your code to any online Git supported repositories like Visual Studio Online, GitHub, CodePlex etc.

It has almost all tools like GitHub for Windows. You can commit, view history, roll back, clone an existing repository etc. It can update your thumbnail and show it in your commit history. It can show a small Git status icon beside the files in solution explorer like new file, changed file etc. These things you can do in Visual Studio now. One feature I think need to be added is that, it should have given an option to fill up detail information at the time of commit like GitHub for Windows. It only gives commit title now. Hope they will give it in latter version. It is nice that we can work with Git and GitHub from Visual Studio 2013 as well as GitHub for Windows.

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