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Bloggers usually login to their blog website to post or they can use any blogging client like Windows Live Writer. Email is the most common media of communication in professional life and sometimes personal life also. Now with bloggers can use email for posting new blog.

This is useful because you can post from your favourite email client or web mail (like Gmail). You don’t need to use another blogging client for basic posting. You can post from your phone while you are travelling. I think it is one of the most use useful way to post blog in

Post by email is not enable by default in You need to activate it. From admin section Dashboard –> My Blogs then enable post by email option from your particular blog. After that you can see a email id showing there. You need to send email to this id for new blog posting. You can also download the vCard if you want to save the email id to your contact list. You can also mention category and tags for your new post.

For me this is a new thing and I am going to use that for my basic and short posts. This is like connecting two world blogging and mailing. Keep in mind that, this not sweetable for advance posts like if you want post code or you want to manage closely your mark-up html. For that you need to use some more sophisticated blogging client or website. Hope this new feature will help you to post more frequently specially if you post from phone.

This post is done with post by email feature in Please read more on this here.

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