Microsoft Outlook email rules

Every day we get many mails. Sometimes we need to organise them so that we can find our important mails quickly. Some mails are send direct to you, some CC to you and some mails you get sent to group (if you are member of some groups). I wrote before about organising mails.

Mail Folders

Mail Folders

To organise mail you can use folders or categories. Some mail providers don’t support folders for example Gmail. Organising mails with folders is the most traditional way and most of the people do that (though you can organize mails with labels in Gmail quite easily and it has more flexibility than folder). supports both the options.

In the subject of organizing mails nothing is better than Microsoft Office Outlook. It has many options than any other mail client or web mail.

I use Office Outlook for my office mail. As I told you before, every day I use to get mainly three kinds of mail. Some are send directly to me, some are send me as CC and some are send to groups in which I maintain a membership. To organize things I use folders. I use different folders for my projects and main categories. I also use dedicated inbox for the mails which send directly to me and on which I am in CC. The mails directly send to me is my primary to do list. The mails on which I am in CC, is my information. I use Outlook mail rules to organize inboxes. I use primary two mail rules. One is for direct send mail to me and other is for CC.

Mail Rule

Mail Rule

You can read more here on mail rules in Outlook. Hope these features helps me to be organize with my mails.

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