Three things

Many people use to-do list to track their work. But is it a good choice to make things done? Is it a good option for productivity? There are some drawbacks of maintaining to-do list.

  1. Lists make you feel guilty for not achieving these things.
  2. Lists make you feel guilty for continually delaying certain items.
  3. Lists make you feel guilty for not doing things you don’t want to be doing anyway.
  4. Lists are inefficient. (Think of what you could be doing with all the time you spend maintaining your lists!)
  5. Lists suck the enjoyment out of activities, making most things feel like an obligation.

To be better management of productivity use another methodology. Remember only three things to do. Like three things I need to do today, this week, this year, in my life. You don’t need to maintain a to-do list. You can easily store three things in your mind. You can better manage things when it become simpler.

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