Google search for Windows phone.

Google dominate search engine market share. The most prominent reason for this is search result quality. When we need some solution over the internet we depend and believe on that quality result.

Microsoft also has a search engine named Bing. From the birth it has managed to improve result quality but still fails with comparison to Google. You can find Bing in Windows phone as a default search engine. In Windows phone there is a search button and it search the web as well as your phone with Bing. When you search in internet explorer it uses Bing search by default.

As I told you before, Bing result quality become better from past, but if you want Google you can do it. No you can’t change the dedicated search button behaviour but you can change default search engine in internet explorer in Windows phone.

Just open internet explorer in your Windows phone and go to settings, then advance settings, then change default search engine from Bing to Google and you are done. Now if you search in internet explorer your result will come from Google instead of Bing.

There is a Windows phone app for Google. You can also consider this for searching with Google.

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