Basic rules of using email

Take 5 minutes time to learn some basic rules of using email.

1. Give a proper subject that can describe your current conversation. Choose subject carefully. It can help you to find mail conversation in should be short and meaningful.

2. Keep it in short. If you need more long conversation,make a call to that person. Mail content should be like a summary.

3. Always include the message on which you are replying.

4. Don’t use email signature with more than three lines.

5. Don’t including unnecessary information in email signature.

6. Don’t expect very quick reply after sending a mail. If it that kind of emergency,make a call to that person.

7. Don’t reply to all by default.

8. Use different email signature for your computer and phone email client.

9. Read your mail before sending.

10. Store your important emails with proper folder structure. Delete unimportant email from your inbox. Make it a comfortable place where you can find emails with minimum effort.

11. Use normal formatting to write email. Don’t use unnecessary font and background colour. You can use a little highlight colour if necessary.

Hope it will make our email experience better.

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