How to post comment in wordpress blog

Comments are one the main feature of blog. Every blog posts should have a comment section under it. Blog are like discussion on some topic. This discussion can be done with comments under the particular blog post. If you are not allowing comments in your blog post, you are missing a lot. Just allow comments and let your readers a chance to write on your topic. May be you will get a chance to learn from your reader’s comments. Who knows?

I have many non technical friends and family person who faces a hard time to give comments in blog post. In many situation they found that their comments are not posted and missing. I use for blogging and I have decided to give a brief idea on how to post a comment on blog.

To post a comment on you need to first choose a blog article on this platform which makes you say something. May be you like some article and post a comment under that article or you are not agree with the point of view of a particular article and you want to express yourself through comment. To post a comment on you need to log in with one of the supported service like wordpress, twitter, facebook and google plus. Once log in you can write your comment and press the post comment button. Don’t break your heart if you can’t see your comment immediately. After posting your comment it goes to the author of the article to approve for showing in the comments section of the article. If approved then you can see your comment under the particular blog post. Congratulation by doing this you can post comments on any article in In almost same process you can post comments on article which is not in

Comment Section

Hope my non technical readers will never face any problem to post comments in future. No more missing comment issue will be there.

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