WLM Login

Access your server contacts and calenders from Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a good email client. It is free but very usable. I am not comparing it with Office Outlook but as a free software it is quite usable. I use this daily for my personal email. I use two email accounts registered with Windows Live Mail. I have calenders and contacts. I can access my contacts and calenders while I am offline. But If I want to access my server calenders and contacts then I need to just log in to Windows Live Mail.

I use Outlook.com as my personal account. I have many contacts and calenders in my Outlook.com account. If I need to access them from my Windows Live Mail, I just need to Log in with my Outlook.com account credentials. After log in I can see all my calenders and contacts in Windows Live Mail. When I log out then again I can see locally saved contacts and calenders in Windows Live Mail. I found this feature very useful and user friendly. Every one who are using Windows Live Mail should know this.

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