Billing problem with Vodafone postpaid

I am using Vodafone prepaid connection since 2004. Recently I converted to post paid because Vodafone convinced that it will save a lot of monthly cost.

My last month (October 2014) bill is very high. It is ₹ 2600 which is higher than upper limit. My upper limit is ₹ 2000. I did not get my bill through my email this month. I logged in to Vodafone website and downloaded my soft copy bill. I found the reason is Internet charges. 92.7 % Internet usage is added with my bill amount.

Bill Summary Oct 2014

There is no Internet plan attached with my plan. However when I logged in to Vodafone website on 30 October 2014 I found a 1GB 3G internet plan attached with my account. I used 400 MB on that day. In November I found that amount has been added in my bill.

I send many emails to Vodafone customer care but did not get any proper help. I went to Vodafone Store on 8 November 2014 and tell them about the problem. I told them that I saw an Internet pack on 30 October 2014 then why this includes in my bill? They did not believe me and asked me to provide proof of that.

I again went to another Vodafone store on 15 November 2014 and told them the problem. They checked and told me that, in October 2014 there was a 1GB internet pack attached with my plan. I bought a smart phone. This offer was given to me free of cost for that new smart phone. That internet pack was attached with my plan till 4 November 2014. They also said that the amount is wrong and need to fix from Vodafone. They accepted my complain and said they will get back to me on 17 November 2014. But I did not get any reply till midday of 18 November 2014.

On 18 November 2014 I called to 198 (toll free customer care number) and again tell them the same problem. They said me that, there was an internet plan attached with my account for smart phone. That plan was up to 18 October 2014. But due to some system problem system is showing that internet pack till 4 November 2014. They also told me to make payment because this is not a bill problem but a system problem.

I saw that internet plan attached with my plan on 30 October 2014, which is why I used that. How can I know that Vodafone website is showing wrong information? This is very unfortunate for me to make payment due to Vodafone website system problem. Am I supposed to give payment for this? Is this my fault? I was a prepaid customer since 2004. Vodafone told me to convert to postpaid because it is better than prepaid. Is this the example of better service?

Data Plan Oct 2014

Dear reader please keep yourself in distance from this kind of service as much as possible. Please spread the word so that other people can be safe from this kind of postpaid service.

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