I always believe MSN is a good portal website. Recently they have done a design upgrade to the website. The MSN new design is looking good in computer monitor as well as tablet and phone screen. It is responsive design. You can read news from different sources. You can set your preference of what news category you want to read. You can arrange sections and set your preference of what section you want to add and remove, more over you can set what section you want to see at top and what at the bottom. You can customize the home page to reflect your choice.

In new MSN home page you can now see a preview of your email, One Drive, One Note, Twitter, Facebook and Skype content. I personally like this very much. For example if I am logged in with my credential. When I go to new MSN home page, at the top I can see a preview of my emails and clicking on that I can go to my inbox directly. In the same way you can see preview of your tweets if you are logged in to twitter in new MSN home page.

I use MSN for news reading daily. The same news I can read through MSN news app in my Windows Phone. I am glad to see that MSN is becoming better for news reading. It is a good news for readers on the internet.

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