New editor for writing blog post in

Wordpress New Writing Editor

Now you can write new blog post in with new editor. This new editor is better than old editor. They are calling the old editor as classic mode editor.

First of all it is fast than the old one. When you save or publish a post the old editor did a full page load, but this editor does a partial page refresh with work in progress indicator. I found this feature more useful. Other than that you can do all things in new editor which you could in old one like select category and tags for your post, set feature image, social sharing, edit slug and many more than the old editor. Like the old editor here is also two modes of writing editor. One is text and another is Visual. In text mode you can write html. The full screen mode of writing is as good as the old one. But unlike the old editor you cannot write in full screen when you are in text mode. I cannot understand why they stop this feature. Overall it is good and fast editor to write on One other point is that, if you do not like the new editor, you can still use the old one like you used to do in past. But I think most of the users will use the new editor in future.

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