WordPress.com reader

Wordpress.com Reader

We all know that Google Reader was a very good feed reading service. Many people used Google Reader. After the end of Google Reader many new people faced problem to read feed on the internet. Thankfully many new services come into play in feed reading market. One of the popular player in Feedly. I use Feedly and I wrote about it in my previous blog posts.

As I am a wordpress.com user I also want you to tell about an another good feed reader and that is wordpress.com reader. The team make this reader more usable in last few months specially after the death of Google Reader. I believe wordpress.com is a hot and happening community and continuous development is going on every product and services. We can expect wordpress.com reader become more user friendly in coming months.

You can follow four favorite blogs inside wordpress.com and new feeds from these blogs will come in your reader. You can also read the freshly pressed blog posts from reader. You can search posts with tag name. The most exiting thing is that you can register external blogs (which are not in wordpress.com) to this reader.

I am not saying that it is as good as feedly but as a wordpress.com user you can try this reader and you will not disappoint.

Read more about wordpress.com reader.

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