Hike messenger

Now a days we all use various messengers in our phone. I also trying with some of them recently. Last few days I have used mainly three messengers. Skype, WhatsApp and Hike in my Windows Phone.

Skype is very smooth and problem less in Windows Phone. I have almost zero issue with that. Some of my Android friend told me that, they are facing notification sound related issue with Skype. Notification sound is very low in Skype on Android and they cannot increase it.


In last update WhatsApp also make a lot of progress in Windows Phone. But still the interface can be better. The biggest issue I faced with WhatsApp is, it refused to install in SD card. I have to install it in phone memory. I talked to WhatsApp support team and came to know that this app has some issues with SD card install and currently install only in phone memory.

Then I try Hike. Till now the experience is good. It has good user interface on Windows Phone. Chats can be hidden under password protection. You can select your contact who can see when you was last online. You can also send free SMS to friends when your mobile data is finished. You can invite friend through SMS, Email or post updates to Facebook/twitter.

I am looking forward with hike. Being a Indian company it has many opportunity to grow in Indian market.

Please read more about hike here.

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