Sondhey Namaar Aagey – Movie review

Sondhey Namaar Aagey

I always feel very good when I sit to write about a movie. If it is a Bengali movie then my feeling good factor increase. New Bengali movie Sondhey Namaar Aagey is a good movie. This is a detective story. Acting and star casting is good. Music is average.

The story is related to a murder and how a private detective come to know about the original murderer. Everyone’s acting is good in this movie. I would say the story is average. Story telling is good except some portion of this movie can be presented in better way to viewers. It is nice to see Nusrat Jahan in this kind of non-commercial movie. New actor like she is acting in this kind of movie, it is good for Bengali film industry. Rahul Bose as usual very good. He stated just one sentence in whole movie but still he is absolutely mind blowing. Lastly Ritabrata Bhattacharya has presented a good movie to viewers. In summary it is a good Bengali movie to watch.

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