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Gmail has the biggest popularity in personal email market. Though many other email solutions are there which are not bad. One of them is It has clean UI, nicely integrated with social network like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Previously it was Hotmail. I am using Hotmail and now for many years. My experience is not bad with this email provider. I recommend you to give it a try.

Currently I am helping one of my family member to start with the The overall starting process is easy and it is similar with other email provider like Gmail or Yahoo.

  1. Navigate to the sign up page or click here.
  2. Fill the information in the online form and choose a unique email id and strong password.
  3. After filling up all the information click on ‘Create Account’ button. It will create a new Microsoft account.
  4. Navigate to It will open a page where you can give your credentials.
  5. Give your newly created email id and password and click on ‘Sign In’ button.
  6. It will log in to your brand new inbox where you can see a clutter free, visually stunning mail inbox. You can also find a welcome email from team.

Congratulation you have successfully created an email account at You can now share your email id with your family, friends, office colleagues and your business contacts. You can also use your email from desktop email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook for Mac, Windows Live Mail etc. You can also use smart phone and tablets to access email.

Read more to setup email with various desktop and phone/tablet email clients.
Set up an email app with

Hope it helps you to use in daily basis. Don’t forget that you can use all Microsoft’s free service with email. From inbox you can easily navigate to Calender, Office Online, OneDrive etc. You can also follow Office Blog for all Microsoft Office related product and service update including

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