Deactivate Facebook account

I am using Facebook from 2008. But from last two years I am finding this service a little useless from my end. As a social life on internet, I try to give my main focus on blogging and twitting. Facebook drops many steps below in my priority list. I hardly contact or chat with my Facebook friends from last few years. I hardly post anything with Facebook in my mind. My twitter and Facebook was connected so that my tweets are automatically posted to Facebook. Many time I thought to close this account but I did not. Finally I have made my mind. I am a little confuse about my decision. I still not know if it is a good decision or not!

Facebook Deactivate

Before closing down I have done some work with my Facebook account:

  1. I have downloaded all my personal data from Facebook. I don’t know weather it can be restored in future or not!
  2. I have deleted all my personal information from Facebook including profile picture.
  3. I have disconnected my twitter account from Facebook.
  4. I have created a Facebook banner picture with my other information so that my Facebook friends and followers can find me on internet.

I have decided to put deactivation request on March end this year. All my Facebook friends please continue to follow me on twitter and keep my email handy.

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