WordPress blog page source

If you are a web developer or designer, you probably sometimes hit the developer tools of your favorite browser. Today I am looking at the page source of my website. My website is hosted on wordpress.com and I found the html structure is very compact and easy to read. I am using Developer Tools of Internet Explorer today.

Some of the interesting things I can see are that, in ‘head’ part I can find the title of the page, many meta tags, external JavaScript and CSS, Some inline JavaScript and CSS, Google and Bing site verification code etc.

In the ‘body’ part I can find main ‘div’ at the top. Under main ‘div’ there are many external JavaScripts and some images. Inside main ‘div’ I can find my blog articles. Every blog article is actually an ‘article’ tag. Inside that ‘article’ tag there are three tags, 1st one for article header, 2nd one for article body and the 3rd one for article footer/metadata information. This is the structure of HTML 5.

Blog Page Source

Blog Page Source

Sometimes it is good to read code as a developer or designer. On which website you are today reading page source with browser F12 tools? Comments are open below.

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