What communication option should we choose?

This week I read an article on various communication options to communicate with client. I am very much agree with the article. There are many communication options while we are working with our clients and colleagues. Not only that, we use communication options to communicate with our friends and family. In office the most popular option is email and phone. In personal life there are email, phone, SMS, social network etc.

The main question is what option should we use while communicating in office or our personal life. Actually it depends on situation. There are some rule which I feel regarding communication.

When we should use email?

Email is the most primary and popular communication option. It is with us almost from the birth of Internet. There are many good email providers out there (Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo etc). We should use email when we need that email in future for reference. Email is good for future reference and easy to archive. There are many good email clients which help us to manage emails (Microsoft Outlook is best of them). It is the most official method of communicating.

When we should use SMS?

For very short notification we should use SMS. Also we can use SMS while the recipient person is offline. Unlike email SMS is not for future references. We cannot store SMS like email. SMS management is hard than email in terms of software support.

When we should use phone call?

In a very urgent situation we can use this method. When you fill that a single phone call will be better than send many emails, then use that. It is good for meetings. You can also record meeting calls for future reference (all meeting members should know that you are recording the call). If you cannot record, you can also create summary email and send to all meeting members after the meeting for future references.


In summary, email is the primary method of communication, SMS is very casual and quick communication method and phone call is for meeting and very urgent situation. I try to maintain this rules while I am communicating in work place or personally with my friends and family.

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