Amazon Kindle

Kindle Paperwhite

Ebook is getting popularity everyday. Paper book usage are become less and people are using e-books now a days. People read e-book in pc, tablet, smart phone. Amazon Kindle is a new device mainly for reading e-book.

The Kindle app developed by Amazon. Kindle app can be installed in pc, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Kindle app support Kindle format as well as pdf, mobi, doc, docx, txt, rtf etc. You can read e-book of these formats with Kindle app.

Kindle device is a device developed by Amazon. It has Kindle app installed in it. You can read e-books on Kindle device. The main thing is Kindle device have screen with elink technology. It use normal ink like paper book and show them electronically. It has paper like reading experience.

You can find many e-books in kindle format in Amazon or other websites. You can convert epub to mobi format and read in Kindle.

The overall reading experience is very good. I feel there should be more Kindle format books in the market.

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