Google Maps directions

Google Maps Directions

If you are going to travel from one place to another then you can get help from Google Maps. Google Maps direction search can help you to discover many options from one place to another. You need to select the start and destination position inside the map and it will give you details. You can find distance from point A to B. You can also find how much time it will take by car, bus (with bus root details) etc. It is giving ‘Metro’ details inside the city if available. You can get multiple root option and estimated time from point A to B.

The best route to your destination is blue on the map and is the first card shown. Alternate routes are in gray on the map. See alternate routes by clicking on the map or clicking a different card.

–Google Maps Help

If you are going from one city to another you can find train and flight options. You can get flight details in case you are going one country to another. You can find this information available also in Indian cities. You can print the details and take with you while you are travelling.

You can find very good document in Google Maps Help.

I find this information very useful. How you use Google Maps?

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