Gmail in Windows Phone

In this mobile first world everyone wants to configure email in their phone. The most important advantage to have email in phone is, you can check and reply your important email on the go. Gmail is the most popular personal email service currently. You can configure Gmail into your Windows Phone also.

The procedure

Gmail In Windows PhoneThe procedure to configure Gmail into Windows Phone is very easy and not much different to configure any other email like or Yahoo mail. First go to ‘settings’, then tap on ‘email+account’, then tap on ‘add an account’, then tap on ‘Google’. It will show you a confirmation page and you need to tap on ‘connect’ button. It will take you to Google authentication page where you can give your Google account credential and login. You need to follow on-screen instructions to complete the process. After successful completion of the steps Google account will start to download the emails to your Windows Phone. You can see Google account in your phone’s registered account list. You can see a new Gmail shortcut pinned to your home screen. If you open it you can see your email from Gmail. You can compose, reply and do the other tasks as the same manner as other email service.


The most important thing is that, the interface is same for any email service in Windows Phone. So no need to learn new skills to work with different emails. You can also create email signature for Gmail from inside Windows Phone. When you will compose email for Gmail from Windows Phone this signature will appended under your message. Please keep in mind that configure other email services in Windows Phone is same as the above procedure.

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