One of the most common job in phone is news reading. The use of newspaper are becoming less and more people are using internet to read/view news. I like to read technical news. You can find many apps in Windows Phone store for technical news. There is one app l like
very much. The name of the app is Converge.

ConvergeThe app is very fast. The user interface is very nice. The news reading view is also good. You can find news from 5 popular sources. windows central, techcrunch, the next web, the verge and winbeta. You can also search by company name like Microsoft, Google, Apple etc. You can also search by topic like ‘mobile app’, ‘science’, ‘business’ etc. There is a section where you can see latest videos. You can also give comments on a specific news article. If you pin this app to your start screen, it will show live update with latest and popular news.

This app is developed by ‘Anand Prakash’ (@anprak). This app is an example of good app in Windows Phone platform. If you are using Windows phone it is worth to give it a try. If you like this please rate in Windows phone store. There is an ‘about’ section in this app where you can find more information about the author and the app.

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