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I really like to know about how people use their computer in daily basis. What tools they use to work. With that thought I have decided to post a tools list which I use for my daily work. I mainly use PC and Windows Phone. I will be giving a short list of tools for both PC and phone which I use.


I have two PCs for work in home and office. Both of them runs Windows 7 currently.

Outlook: I use this tool for both my personal and work email. I use .pst file to archive old emails. I also have good amount of Outlook rules for my work email to keep things easy for me.

Google Chrome: I use Google Chrome as my primary web browser. It is fast, secure and stable enough for my daily web browsing. I like to use the developer tools inside Chrome while I am working as a developer. Mainly I debug all my JavaScript codes inside Chrome.

OneNote: I use this for keeping notes and maintaining to do list. I use sections and section groups for personal and project work in my notebook. I also have some shared notebooks with my friends.

Notepad: Sometimes I use notepad for basic code editing.

Visual Studio: This is my main development tool currently. I use some extensions with Visual Studio like ReSharper and Productivity Power Tools. I also use Git tools for Visual Studio so that I can do Git related tasks from the Visual Studio. I also like to use command line (post-git) for Git tasks.

GitHub for Windows: Mainly I use Git tasks inside from Visual Studio or from command line. But when I work with some non .NET projects, I use this tool for Git tasks. It is also allow me to work in command line for advance Git tasks.

SQL Server Management Studio: I use this for my project work. All my database related tasks is done in this tool. Also Visual Studio has a good support to work with database related tasks.

OneDrive: All my important files, pictures and videos are kept in sync with my PC and phone through OneDrive. Pictures and videos from my phone are automatically uploaded to OneDrive while I am connected to WiFi.  It is a cloud sync tool for me.

TeamCity: I use this tool as a build server for project work. It automatically build after every commit in the source control and create a version number. I can see all the current commit histories and file differences inside TeamCity.

SharePoint: All my project related documents are stored inside my company SharePoint server. I can use SharePoint location from Windows Explorer also (is a kind of native sense).

Microsoft Word: I use this tool for any kind of document creation. Also I use Word for blogging (currently working with this article in Word).

Microsoft Excel: Any project specific or personal plan I do it inside Excel. It has good support for tabular data structure with good mathematical calculation and many more.

Microsoft Lync: I use this tool in office to communicate with my co-workers.


My phone tools are mainly an extension of my PC tools. So I am writing the tool names here which I use only in my phone.

Skype/Hike: Some of my friends are in Skype and Hike. Skype has many room for improvements in phone and Hike is an Indian company and I like it.

MSN apps: MSN app like news, weather, sports, money etc are all installed in my phone. I like them and use them as daily basis. Some of them are also pinned in my start screen.

Converge: This is a good news reading app for Windows Phone and I like it very much. I wrote about it before.

Twitter: I use twitter mainly for short updates and link sharing. Twitter for Windows Phone app is not bad. It has good interface. It has two themes (light and dark). It also sync my twitter contacts in people hub of Windows Phone.

Alarm: I use alarm app to wake up in the morning.

IE for Windows Phone: I use this tool while I am browsing the internet from my phone. I also tried UC browser and Opera mini, but I did not like them.

Amazon/Flipkart: For online shopping from phone, this two apps are dominating my tool list.

Bing Map: I have my local map downloaded in my phone and keep active location service all the time. It helps me locate road maps while I am going somewhere. Also because I have downloaded the local map, it is not consume any data while I am moving from one place to another and use my map with location service.

Metrotube: For all YouTube videos I use this app. This has many features to view videos which is on YouTube. I can also stop video and only listen audio from this app. I can share videos from this app to twitter for example.

NewsSpot: I use feedly for my online feed reading. Since feedly don’t have an official app for Windows Phone, I use NewsSpot. I can attach my feedly account to NewsSpot and read feeds from there. You can attach other third party service in NewsSpot.

Podcasts: This is the main podcast app which I use in my phone. It has streaming support for online podcast listening and also I can download and listen while I am not connected to the internet.

Here I have tried to make a tool list as per as my daily usage. I am looking forward to know about yours. You can write a blog and share a link in the comment section.

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