GPS mobile apps

This week I have installed two apps from Windows Phone Store which are related to location/GPS.

FREE GPS Speedometer: I come to know about this kind of apps late. You can see your speed while you are travelling by a vehicle or walking/running. It uses location service to calculate your speed. That means you need to keep on your location service to work with this app. If you are travelling by a bus or train, you can now see the current speed, top and average speed of the bus. If you are driving, you can set speed limit in to this app and it will warn you with sound if you are crossing that. I don’t like the UI and colour theme of this app but it is a good utility that I often need.

GPSInfo: Information is power. This app shows all your GPS related information like longitude, latitude, altitude, speed etc. This is also works with location service of your phone. You can share this information to others through message and email easily.

I found theses location/GPS related utility apps are useful specially Speedometer. Last few days I am testing these apps and it shows accurate information every time. I really happy to see Windows Phone Store is growing with useful apps.

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