‘Windows 10’ will be the last version of ‘Windows’?

Microsoft will release Windows 10 on July 2015. They have said that it will be the last version of ‘Windows’. So what that means? ‘Windows’ will be dead? ‘Microsoft’ will stop working on ‘Windows’?

Well the answer is ‘Windows’ will not be dead. The delivery process of ‘Windows’ to the consumer will change. ‘Windows’ will become from a product to a service. There will be no major release. Updates and new features will be pushed to consumers when they are ready.

Windows will be one of the big service on the internet in future.

– Satya Nadella

Companies release products in the market. Consumers buy and use them. Now a days companies are providing their products as a service. In this process consumers do not buy any product from the market. Instead they subscribe to a particular service from a company. Now that company give its products as well as any other services to that consumer. This is called Software as a Service (SaaS).

Office 356 is a good example of SaaS. If you buy subscription of ‘Office 365’, you can get latest Office products when it is available free of cost (you are already giving subscription fee). You can get other services like 1TB ‘OneDrive’ online storage.

As I understand from Microsoft approach with ‘Windows’ is, it will become a SaaS from ‘Windows 10’. They will provide new features and fixes when they are ready with Windows Update. They will work in agile approach. I am guessing, in future consumers need to buy subscription for ‘Windows’.

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