I use feedly for online blog reading. I set all my blogs which I follow to it. I wrote about feedly before. For last few months feedly has changed a lot. The interface become more beautiful. Some of the features which I found nice is:

  • As I have told you, the interface become more beautiful.
  • Now I can pin and unpin the left pane. In unpin mode, it gives clutter free reading experience.
  • As you know there is four Presentation modes in feedly. ‘Tile Only’, ‘Magazine’, ‘Cards’ and ‘Full Article’. In ‘Magazine’ and ‘Cards’ mode when you click on an article a reading view comes from right hand side. After reading if you close that reading view it will go again to right hand side and hide.
  • The biggest update: you can subscribe ‘YouTube’ channel to feedly. Any new video on that channel, it show show up. You can watch the video right inside the feedly reading view. Please follow these steps to subscribe a YouTube channel to feedly.
  • You can backup your saved articles, tagged articles and OPML file to Dropbox now. This is for pro users only (which I am not).

Windows Phone do not have feedly app. I use NewsSpot to read feedly content on Windows Phone.

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