Edit Outlook signature in html

When you create signature in Microsoft Outlook, you can get a visual editor for that. In that editor you can do simple text editing like bold, italic, underline etc. You can also create hyperlinks and insert pictures and few other things. But the options are limited. Imagine if you can edit Outlook signature in HTML then will it be better or not?

There is a simple trick with the help of that you can edit your Outlook signature in HTML. When you create signature, Outlook store them in ‘AppData’ folder under your user. This folder is by default a hidden folder. If you enable ‘show hidden folder’ option in Windows, you can see this folder. Under this folder you can find the Outlook signature in HTML format. Open it in notepad and you can edit the signature in HTML. Go and change the signature HTML and save the file. Open Outlook and compose a new email, you can see your updated signature.

Steps to do this task

  1. Enable ‘show hidden files’ option in Windows. You can read the process here.
  2. Go to ‘C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures’.
  3. Take a backup of your HTML signature file.
  4. Open the HTML signature file in notepad and change the signature in HTML (below of the file content you can get the signature content).
  5. Save the file and compose a new email in Outlook to test the signature change.

Couple of points you need to keep in mind

  1. Your HTML signature file holds a lots of other information and you should not delete or change them. You can find the signature HTML below portion of the file content.
  2. Before doing the changes in your signature do not forget to take a backup of the old signature. If things are broken while you are working in the signature then you can restore the old one easily.

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