Email thread in Outlook

Email is still the most popular way of communication throughout the world. The most popular email for personal use is Gmail and for enterprise use is Exchange and Outlook. Outlook is basically an email client. It has many features which are good in comparison with Gmail. One particular thing is email thread structure.

When we send an email to someone and that person reply back and again we reply back to that email and so on… in this way it become an email thread under same subject. Sometimes this email thread become big. This is a very common daily task to read long email threads. The email thread structure in Outlook is good and very readable in comparison with Gmail. In Outlook you can easily read the first email at the very below and then reply 1 and 2 and so on (like a stack). Gmail indent the previous email at the time of reply, so it become a little hard to read in case of a long email thread. Gmail by default turns on the ‘conversation in group’ feature. In that case it shows all the emails in a single email thread in readable format. So if you are reading emails on the Gmail website then you cannot see any problem. But if you configure your Gmail in Outlook then you can see this problem.

Email Thread in Outlook

Email Thread in Outlook

Which one you feel better to use, please let me know with comments.

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