International Space Station

International Space Station

This is the World Space Week. In this week many countries including countries from Europe and Asia are celebrating space science and technology and how it can be used for more human kind.

Yesterday I was reading about ‘International Space Station’ (ISS) mainly on Wikipedia and watching some videos on YouTube. I found ISS very interesting. The space station has been continuously occupied since November 2000. In that time, more than 200 people from 15 countries have visited. The objective of ISS is to continue research on space (like Moon and Mars), research on Physics, Biology, Microgravity etc.

If you are interested about space science, I will encourage you to read more on ISS.

The most interesting part is we can see ISS from earth with necked eyes. It is the brightest thing in night sky after Moon. NASA has a website named spot the station, you can know more about when ISS will be above your location from there. You can register your email and NASA will alert you about possible ISS passing above your location. NASA has also High Definition Earth-Viewing System (HDEV) where you can see live earth view from ISS camera.

Hope this will create interest on you about space science and research.

The picture is taken from Wikipedia.

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