Spot The Station

Many times I thought that if I see moon on the sky then why not the human made space satellites from earth? I find the answer when I search a little bit about NASA and its projects. The answer is yes; we can see International Space Station from earth with our naked eye. Naked eye? When I first read this, it was hard to believe. International Space Station is the second brightest think on evening or morning sky after moon. You can see it from middle of a city. It is bright enough to see with our naked eye. When sun light reflects from it and come to our eyes, we can see it. This is the same reason of why we see moon.

Now the question is when you can see it on the sky. International Space Station is orbiting earth with a low earth orbit. You need to look to the sky when it actually passing through over your location. There is a website from NASA is Spot The Station. You can search with your location and it will give you a list of date, time and sky location when International Space Station will pass over your location in coming couple of weeks. You can also register your email id with that website and NASA will let you know before 12 hours of passing International Space Station over your location.

NASA’s Spot The Station service gives you a list of upcoming sighting opportunities for thousands of locations worldwide, and will let you sign up to receive notices of opportunities in your email inbox or cell phone. The space station looks like a fast-moving plane in the sky, but it is dozens of times higher than any airplane and traveling thousands of miles an hour faster. It is bright enough that it can even be seen from the middle of a city! — NASA

I first saw it in last month (October 2015). We have mostly clear sky in India in this time of year. It looks like exact same as describe by NASA. Like a plane but moving a lot faster. I find this is a good initiative by NASA to educate and make people interested with space science and research.

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