Kolkata on Bing

I like ‘Bing’ home page wallpapers. Especially if the wallpaper picture is from my city ‘Kolkata’. Today in the morning I saw beautiful ‘Second Hoogly Bridge’ sunset picture at ‘Bing’ home page. In my opinion this is the most beautiful place in ‘Kolkata’ to enjoy the sunset.

The ‘Second Hoogly Bridge’ is a ‘cable-stayed’ bridge over river ‘Ganga’ made on 1992. It is one of the icon of ‘Kolkata’. The original name is ‘Vidyasagar Bridge’ but commonly known as ‘Second Hoogly Bridge’. The picture in ‘Bing’ home page is from ‘Getty Images’ and it is polished with wallpaper color to look great. Every people in ‘Kolkata’ can be proud to see this today.

Thanks ‘Bing’.

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