‘Twitter’ is one of the most frequent service which I use daily. I use ‘twitter’ website on desktop and ‘twitter’ official app on my ‘Windows Phone’. Official ‘twitter’ app for ‘Windows Phone’ is ok, but not like ‘Android ‘or ‘iOS’ app. Recently I switched from Official ‘Twitter’ app to a third party app called ‘Tweetium’. This app is very popular app on ‘Windows 8.1’, ‘Windows 10’ and ‘Windows Phone 8.1’.

I am using this app for 3 weeks now. I like the app in most cases. It is fast, has good font and has many features of twitter which official ‘twitter‘ app for ‘Windows Phone’ don’t. But I don’t like the vibrant colour in some cases (mainly after opening a particular tweet conversation).

You can read more about ‘Tweetium’ on official website:

If you are using ‘twitter’ on ‘Windows’ platform and you like this app, you can download it from ‘Microsoft Store’ (it has 4.6 out of 5):

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