Nextgen Reader

There are some blogs and websites which I follow. It is hard to open those websites every day to check new contents. To solve this problem, I use RSS feed. I subscribe RSS feed of my favourite websites and in case of any new content that RSS feed reader let me know. As feed reading client I use ‘Feedly’. I use ‘Feedly’ website when I am on desktop. ‘Feedly’ has good support for RSS feed reading. I blogged about ‘Feedly’ before.

‘Feedly’ do not have official app for ‘Windows Phone’. Some days ago I tried ‘Nextgen Reader’. It is the best app for feed reading on ‘Windows’ platform. I am using it on my ‘Windows Phone’. Reading experience on this app is very good. I can adjust the font face as well as font size. I can set different background colour for reading and many more settings.

For every ‘Windows’ platform users I would like to recommend this app. This app has only one drawback, it is not installing on SD card on my Windows Phone and taking the phone memory.

Download ‘Nextgen Reader’ from ‘Microsoft Store’:

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