Blog in 10 minutes

Time management is not easy. Maintaining a good balance of all the things in life in daily basis in hard. As a blogger we often fail to manage time for writing. Our blog remains untouched days and then weeks with no new posts.

Yesterday I found a good article on this subject and a methodology to how to solve this problem. There are two things that bloggers need to solve. One is ‘time‘ and the other is ‘topic’.

The idea is to manage 10 minutes in a day and write something very short. 10 minutes is easy to manage for everyone. Post this short article on the next day. This will help us to continuously update our blog and solve our time problem.

To solve the topic problem, we can create a ‘topic box’. We can write down our favourite topics on a small piece of paper (one topic in one piece of paper) and place them in the ‘topic box’. At the time of writing if we do not have any good topic in mind, we can bring one paper from the topic box and write for 10 minutes on that. This will solve the topic problem.

You can read the full article here. Tell me what you think about this!

My 10 minutes is over for today.

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