Backup pictures with OneDrive

OneDrive is providing pretty good support and functionality to backup all our pictures from phone to cloud storage. You can set on what type of connection it will upload (WiFi or mobile data). For example, my setting is WiFi currently. That means when my phone is connected to WiFi then all my pictures are uploaded to OneDrive from phone. Suppose I am out for a vacation and my phone is currently connected with mobile data and I am taking some pictures with my phone. After that when I am back and connect my phone to WiFi, all the new pictures are uploaded automatically to OneDrive. After this when I open my PC, then all the new pictures are downloaded from OneDrive to my PC.

I found this very good and usable feature for picture backup. Some of my non-technical friends are saying that this is a magic to see the pictures in their PC which they took on the last day with their phone. Those days are gone when you connect your phone to PC with a data cable to transfer pictures to PC from phone. Thanks to OneDrive. OneDrive supports all the platform like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC and MAC.

Other cloud sync services also works like OneDrive like Google Drive, Drop Box etc. They are different in service offers and pricing but the basics are same.

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