Tesla Model S

I am not a car fan. Even I do not know the names of many cars which are common in my country. Some days ago I read a blog post about ‘Tesla Model S’ from Omar’s blog. After that I start taking information about this car’s company and its models. ‘Tesla’ is unavailable in my country ‘India’ currently. But I like to read and watch videos about this car.

It is an electric car. No oil. You need to charge this car. It has only one moving part and that is the motor in ‘model S’. So it is silent and smooth. It has good autopilot mode and automatic parking in it. It has 17-inch touch screen in it. You can sync your calendar with it and every morning you can see your work schedule in the car. The ‘model S’ software updates automatically. With every update the car become smarter. It learns about you and your choices day by day, while you are using this car. Unlimited internet and google map is free in this car. You can connect your phone with this car. It has the highest safety points in ‘United States’. It is an environment friendly car with advance technology in it.

You can read the full article on Omar’s blog here.

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