Happy Republic Day to all of my readers.


I recently saw a Hindi film named ‘NH10’. This film is about women in our country. Women in India are treated differently from men. From a corporate sector to rural village, women find difficulties in men dominant society. Women are not safe at night and we read every other day in newspaper about these kind of stories. This film is a story of how women are tortured in villages which is very near from modern Indian cities and how a woman from a modern city punished them.

There are couple of chapters in Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘Making India Awesome’ that tells us about women rights. I agree with the writer that if we want a better India then we need to change our views towards women. We need to think that what type of wife we need, how should we teach our daughters.

‘NH10’ is a good film with a female in main character. If you like Bollywood films then I will encourage you to watch this film. It is a different type of film which makes you think about our society.

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